About Us

Rockstar Creative Agency Pvt. Ltd. (RCA) was found in 2011, as a means to promote the culture of Music among the people. RCA Music Academy aspires to direct people as they learn various instruments as well as vocals – Indian & Western, all at one place.

The story of RCA began at the hands of musicians and music lovers. It was a swift but organic process where a bungalow was transformed into a center for learning and creativity. RCA doesn’t only follow a tradition but reinvents it. It preserves the genius of institutionalization & education in order to preserve & promote music while reworking the same. We assure expert guidance and instructions & take great joy in training them for Music in its essence. Music is given its room at RCA with special care for the kind of environment that is required for different kinds of music to grow. Where the guitar room has a light playful quality about it, the space for classical music inspires serenity & commands the very dignified authority of classical music. May it be the keyboard, the drums, the guitar or classical music, every music room is customised to bridge the gap between the teacher and the student, & make learning more dynamic & fun.

Passion is what music is essentially born out of. It is this very passion for music that RCA was built with where not only skills are taught, but a cultural environment is created to inspire everyone who comes in contact with it and seeks to learn music.