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While we do prefer the above but it is not a compulsory requirement.

You could be interested in different kinds of music or stay updated about the music scene in Indian & around the world. To run a music academy one must be Musically inclined or musically sensitive.

Franchisee candidates will be required to successfully complete our training program, where you will receive hands-on training. A written evaluation of your training and our recommendations for next steps will be provided at the end of the three-day program.

  • Counseling sessions with our consultants, Director and Manager of New Franchise Owner
  • Operations and Working of all departments of RCA.
  • Formats and record maintenance as per ISO
  • Hands on training by RCA the Branch Head at a currently operational facility
  • Software usage.
  • Assessment of faculty and training on teaching method.
  • HR and accounting related training.

Once the location, property type, legality, documentation and payment of franchisee fees is done.

It can be approximately 60 days.

Yes. RCA has a preferred vendor program that covers all aspects of opening your RCA franchise.

To ensure that RCA’s brand is kept up to management expectation, as well as ensuring the uniform standards of quality and service are maintained, all franchisees are required to operate their Academy in strict conformity with our systems. RCA follows ISO 9001:2008 and constantly works for the betterment of the organization and to improve products and service to our Franchisee's.

A Franchisee who purchases a RCA Music Academy Franchise does not have to personally operate the Academy. However, there must be a full time Manager who has satisfactorily completed the training course provided by RCA and is involved in the operations or oversight of the Academy. RCA does not want to jeopardize the brand by having un-trained or inexperienced personnel operating the Academy. It is critical to note that to a large part the success of RCA franchise depends on the enthusiasm, work ethic, attitude, and entrepreneurial skills of the Franchisee. Therefore RCA strongly recommends that Franchisees be actively involved on a day-to-day basis in their Academy. It will also provide a better support network if Franchisees have questions for management at RCA head office.

Yes, there are several ways to finance the business. Once a potential franchisee fills out our questionnaire, RCA management will meet personally with candidates and discuss finance options.

This is the most important part for learning. Success of RCA totally depends on this decision.

A) We give full assistance on this matter nevertheless we give chance to our teachers or option from students of our “Teacher Training Program” to work at your location.

B) The music faculty recruitment process as outlined here is aimed to bring in folks who are social in a pleasant and warm way and represent a great balance of teaching and performance.

The process therefore aims to create opportunities to encourage prospective faculties to exhibit these properties in some or the other manner.

We begin by having a personal interview with the Candidate. The HR and other faculties may be part of this. The idea here is to see if this person is a great social fit or not. How honest he is. What his core values are. And how genuine their love for music is.

This should generally be followed by a technical assessment which involves assessing the theoretical and performance aspect of music. They should definitely perform something for the interviewer that is representative of what they are musically. The theoretical understanding of music should definitely encompass a good working knowledge of rhythm, melody and harmony(actually this is true for performance too).

A teacher is selected on parameters of two interviews. If he is approved on those parameters he becomes a "RCA Music Academy Teacher."

RCA will send bands at a nominal amount to perform at the Franchise academy.

Free for 1st 6 months

You can take various options and not necessarily the whole school. Like RCA Strings Academy , RCA Keys Academy

There’s no other Music Academy that can be compared to the RCA as we teach both Indian and western music under one roof.

Operationally, we offer a perfect system, a simple format with a personal touch. Our flexible concept can maximize sales and return on investment.


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