The Team - Manjalpur, Vadodara




Indian Vocals



Jay Ainapure | Guitar / Bass

Jay started learning Guitar at the age of 17. Engg. Diploma + Bachelors; BE Electricals; Primarily, he was into Rap/Rock & Pop, Hip-Hop music before his teacher, expanded his musicality to Heavy Metal, Progressive & Experimental/Psychedelic genres from the likes of Metallica, Lamb of god, etc. The band “Porcupine Tree” opened his musicality more with composing and gave minimalistic approach towards original compositions. He currently is collaborated with certain bands across Vadodara and is the co-founder of his own band Tailored Haven, learned from RCA and then also with other musicians. Jay has performed many local & out-station gigs with his collaborations giving him a variety of experience in Live performances. He has also co-founded RUSH, a group that promotes local musicians and ONLY original compositions and music.

"Music is the ultimate space isolating us from the worldliness around."


Srujan Dindorkar | Drums

Srujan was hugely influenced by Hindustani Classical music since childhood; on account of being exposed to Indian classical performances and also having a trained vocal singer in his elder brother. He started playing and experimenting more with Drums at the age of 18 and also is a part of his band “ Sulphur Snow”, a Progressive-Psychedelic group which in his own words is very much Indian at heart. Srujan is primarily an artist; from MSU Baroda; actively participating and co-organising Painting & Realistic Rangoli exhibitions along with teaching Drums at RCA.

"Every sound has its own colour and every beat adds a shade to it. That’s Music to me."


Param Bhagat | Keyboard

Param started learning Indian Classical vocals at age of 5. Coming from a musical family background; he started learning harmonium while his father would. At the age of 10 he switched to keyboards and professionally started learning at the age of 19 from various teachers until he found his own sound and was composing music on his own. He has been involved with his co-founded band; Ahmon, an Indian Folk Rock band with many original compositions as well as being an audio production manager until he found his hidden teaching talents at RCA.

"Music to me is exploring the unexplored territories of this vast musical world."


Jigna Sagar  |  Indian Vocals

She's shy, reserved and loves chocolates. And this same sweetness is reflected in her singing. Jigna always used to enjoy listening to Music so she started getting trained in Indian Vocals from Music College from where she completed her B.P.A & M.P.A. She also has a degree in Tabla. She plays Harmonium as well to accompany her singing.

"Indian Classical Music gives me peace"


Vipul Barot   |  Indian Vocals

Vipul started learning at the age of 4; from his grandfather, prominent musician in Traditional and Gujarati Folk music. He learnt Folk music and traditional poetry for 9 yrs. Vipul migrated to Vadodara in 2009 to pursue his Bachelors and then Masters in Hindustani Classical Music from MS University, Baroda. Apart from finishing his masters in Performing Arts, Vipul has given a variety of vivid performances including being one of Top 5 finalists in singing competitions for Etv Gujarati as well as representing his Folk Singing roots on Doordarshan show called “Maati Ke Laal” where he represented Gujarat.

"Indian Classical Music gives me peace"


Aditya Gurav   |  Tabla

Aditya started learning Tabla from his father at the young age of 6. He later achieved higher musical education in Tabla from Pt. Sudhir Kumar Saxena, while giving National level Tabla exams of Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. Later he would pursue his Bachelors as well as Masters in Performing Arts; the latter for which he won the University Gold Medal. Aditya has performed in many places in India as well as abroad and has also taught many students for 6 years.

"Music gives me isolation."