The Team - Vadodara


Sherin Mathew | Guitar / Bass

Don’t be fooled by his Introversion, cause with a guitar in his hands this man is sure to make his presence felt. He used to listen & hum along with Music as a kid and was more interested in Drums. But inspiration from a fellow guitarist and Mr, Jacob Mathew who is a recording artist in Malayalam Music Industry forged him to learn Music seriously. Sherin mostly grew up on Church/Gospel Music but tries to fuse different Genres in his playing. He is also very fond of playing Bass Guitar. Any problem with six strings? You know whose door to knock!

"Music is my soul"


Santosh Pawar | Guitar / Bass

Music is in his Genes. His father was a well known Harmonium player who assisted renowned artists – O.P Nayyar & Shankar Jaikishan of the Indian Music Industry. Initially he started by playing skin instruments but later drifted towards Guitar and got trained by his Guru Mr. Kashyap Vora & since then it’s been his primary instrument. He has travelled across India & also around the world as part of various orchestras. Mr. Santosh Pawar has played Guitar in many Nadeem-Shravan directed (Musically) Bollywood movies like Aashiqui (1990), Deewana, Phool or kaante, Rang, etc.

"Music is my life. It's my everything"


Dilip Solanki | Drums

In his childhood days he simply used to go crazy as soon as he used to listen to trumpet & Saxophone playing in a baraat. He grew up in a locality full of musicians. And so there’s no wonder Mr. Dilip ended up being a musician himself. As he was entering into adulthood he felt a deep urge to learn Drums & after being taught by a well renowned orchestra player he himself was a part of one. He has got years of experience on the drums & can very well teach you what to do with a pair of sticks.

"Without Music, I don’t feel good"


Shubhankar Kamat | Keyboard/Piano/Western Vocals (Head-Keys Dept.)

Shubham got into Music at an early age of 2. He first learnt Tabla from his dad and then later from a professional teacher. At that time he was playing Harmonium also on his own. He later moved on to Piano and after his teacher at that time passed away, he continued to learn all by himself. He is a multi-instrumentalist & has tried his hands on Guitar as well. He also attended a master class for Piano in Switzerland for which he was invited by the well known European Pianist Elizabeth Sombart.

"With Music I'm in a different dimension. Whenever I play, it's just Music & me"


Akash Parmar | Keyboard

Akash has always been interested and has a flair in music since his childhood. He started learning vocals and harmonium in indian classical genre at the age of 13. Later he discovered his interest in western music as well. To persue his unfalterd passion he started to learn electronic keyboard. He has specialized in it through the learnings from Trinity College London. He has been doing performances and is consistent with that, recieving applauses across Gujarat. He has composed & arranged some songs for College fests with his band & has performed with local bands too. He owns a youtube music channel "Audio Wing" and gets huge response from his studio projects. Recently 'T Series' featured one of his Cover Song as: "A Top 2015 Cover song".

"Music has NO boundaries"


Hiren Chudasama | Violin

This man is a power house on Violin. It was a trip to Music College with his father which instilled a great attraction to Music. He chose Violin as his choice of instrument. By age 15 Hiren had even completed his Diploma in Violin. He took admission in Music College & got 1st class in most of the exams. He dedicatedly used to practice from 8am to 4pm every day. As part of cultural exchange program he also went to Durham University (U.K) to teach Violin. He has completed his Masters in Violin. Hiren regularly plays live shows & it’s a sight to watch him perform.

"Music doesn't allow my mind to wander"


Prasad Dashputre | Indian Vocals

It was his sir who pushed him to learn Vocals as he believed Prasad had the talent. Along with his school education he did diploma in Indian Vocals. Later on with the help of his gurus he completed his B.P.A (Snatak) & M.P.A (Anusnatak). He is a teaching faculty as the M.S. University as well. Prasad feels that the younger generation needs to develop themselves towards Indian Classical Music with patience & have a deeper understanding of it.

"Music groomed me internally"


Jigna Sagar | Indian Vocals

She’s shy, reserved and loves chocolates. And this same sweetness is reflected in her singing. Jigna always used to enjoy listening to Music so she started getting trained in Indian Vocals from Music College from where she completed her B.P.A & M.P.A. She also has a degree in Tabla. She plays Harmonium as well to accompany her singing.

"Indian Classical Music gives me peace"


Sagar Shinde | Drums

Sagar used to play Tabla from early childhood. But it was his introduction to Metal giants, Metallica, by a friend which changed the course of his Musical life forever. This had such a huge impact on him that he decided to learn & start to play Drums. He constantly tries to broaden his horizon for Western Music. He is also part of a city based Rock band as a drummer. Hook yourself up with him if you can’t get your Paradiddle right?

"Music is my addiction. It’s my heartbeat without which I can't function”